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KOSEC Votes Electronically
Students were granted access to the system through their unique Ids and Passwords and voted by clicking on their preferred candidates. The election results was available as soon as the last student voted.

Speaking in an interview with Metro TV, the Project Director of CB-TEK the Koforidua based company that development the e-voting system, Mr. Emmanuel Bempong said they were compelled by the high cost of organizing student elections due to the increasing student population and the need to provide materials such as printed ballot papers and indelible ink which turn out to be useless right after the election to come out with the e-voting system. He said the system made organizing elections less costly, less tiring because there isn't any long counting of ballot papers, and the results even more credible because it eliminates human errors or manipulations.

Mr. Francis Terkpetey, the Electoral Commissioner of the school indicated that the students were happy with the system and so voting went on smoothly. About students who are unfamiliar with the computer, the Electoral Commissioner said such students were assisted to go through the voting process just as it happens in the National Elections. He however pointed out that he believes the enthusiasm of the students in voting electronically will motivate all of them to take their ICT lessons much seriously so as to be able to vote electronically next year.
(5th February, 2011)
All students and the general public are to take note that the re-opening date for the 2nd term of 2010/2011 academic year remains Monday 10th January, 2011.

With Best Wishes.
Mr. Sampson Agyiri-Nyarko
Asst. Head (Domestic)

(6th January, 2011)
Students reports for the 1st term of 2010/2011 academic year have been released. Students can access their reports on-line using their IDs and passwords.
Please be notified that all report complains (if any) will be addressed within two weeks after reopening.

Happy New Year and See You Soon.
Emmanuel Bempong
ICT Coordinator

(6th January, 2011)
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